Luke’s Wings®, a non-profit dedicated to the support of wounded, ill and injured service members, provides families with means to visit during their recovery and rehabilitation.

When a service member is wounded, they are taken to the military medical center that best suits their recovery needs, often leaving them isolated from loved ones scattered across the country. For over a decade, Luke’s Wings® has provided complimentary airfare to wounded warriors and their loved ones to bridge this gap and keep them physically connected on their journey to recovery. With the support of companies and individuals alike, Luke’s Wings® is able to provide a specific service with an immeasurable impact. These flights bring mental, physical and emotional support, empowering wounded service members to overcome challenges they face every step of their recovery.

In 2011, Luke’s Wings® received a grant to support Texas veterans, of all ages, in need of medical-related airfare. This opportunity resulted in a crucial expansion to our program line as they received countless requests from loved ones wanting to be with their veteran in hospice care. After realizing the greater need for families to be reunited as their veteran passes, the Veterans in Hospice Care Transportation Assistance Program was created as a final salute to their honorable service. This program now provides flights to families located across the country for veterans of all ages and wars. From World War II veterans to those serving in the War on Terror, Luke's Wings® stand ready to serve when the time comes.

Once again, Luke’s Wings® saw an opportunity to better serve the military community in 2012 by creating a relationship with the United States Special Operations Command – Warrior Care Program (Care Coalition), also known as USSOCOM. Through this dedicated program line, Luke’s Wings® became a trusted resource for the families of those wounded on special missions. They are proud to partner with USSOCOM to ensure loved ones are present for every step of their warrior’s recovery, from the moment they arrive stateside to their final travel home.

As our service members’ needs continue to evolve, Luke’s Wings® has also evolved to stay abreast with the current needs of the military community. In 2018, they adopted the all-encompassing “wounded, ill and injured” into our mission statement, prompting another expansion of our program lines. They are now equipped to not only serve serve combat wounded warriors, but those injured in training accidents as well as those battling life threatening illnesses whose treatments take them far from home. Additionally, Luke's Wings® is now able to provide flights for service members receiving follow-on care after being honorably discharged from the military.

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