It's in the nature of military and veterans to step up. So VetTix did.

The kind of people who volunteer to serve their country, the ones who put their nation first and their own lives second, these are our US veterans. They are the kind of people we need to honor, not just on Memorial Day, Veteran's Day and the Fourth of July, but every day.

Now through The Veteran Tickets Foundation, those who care about our military and veterans have a way to give back.


The 7% of our population that are veterans and less than 1% actively serving shoulder unique burdens of stress, sacrifice and time away from their families. The majority of our veterans have served during wartime. Veterans experience many difficult transitions as they reintegrate back into their families, their communities and eventually civilian life. Many service members and veterans struggle with wounds of war, both physical and invisible.

Yet these veterans receive limited access to resources that are vital to their reintegration into their communities. Military discounts are small or infrequent. The majority of veterans do not receive military discounts because they do not have an ID card. More than that, the cost for the average football game or concert is over $500 for a family of four. This makes many events simply unaffordable for average military and veteran families. Veteran Tickets Foundation is concerned that too many veterans are missing out on the All-American moments for which they have fought and sacrificed. These All-American events are the times we should use to welcome and acknowledge our veterans. These events provide essential community reintegration opportunities, family bonding experiences and improve quality of life. Donated tickets shows our military that their community supports their service. These events are real gifts of gratitude for our veterans who have given so much.

For more information about this amazing organization, visit their website.