All of Legacies of America products
are handcrafted by
US Military Veterans, here in America

Capture and display the legacy of yours or a patriot's service to their nation & community with one of our many, beautifully made shadow boxes.

Want to display that American flag you so dearly love? Do it in one of our American Made, Veteran Built™ flag display cases.
We also build a variety of challenge coin display racks, in various sizes, perfect for any size collection.

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LOA Traditional Logo Sticker

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The Original... The first... Maybe even the best? That's your call. But smack this baby anywhere you want, from your home, at work, or just on random stuff lying around! Doesn't even have to be your stuff. Show your dedication and support by displaying our traditional logo sticker, and you can be proud knowing you are supporting a company that is American Made - Veteran Built™

Dimensions: 4" x 2"

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